Committee of Management

The Guild's constitution provides for a Committee of Management of eight members with panels of representatives consisting of:

  • Four members employed in sea-going ships
  • Four members employed in the waterfront/ports/shore-based shipping industry
  • One member from passenger/tourism industry


Sea-Going Panel


Captain Bryce GORDON (Vice President)

Captain Russell PETRIE (President)

Captain Jon TAYLOR

Captain Iain MacLeod 

Waterfront & Ports Industry Panel

                                           Captain Robert JAMES

                                           Captain Lewis HENDERSON

                                           Mr Sandy JACK 

                                           Captain Roselyne YEANDLE                                                  

Inshore Passenger Tourism Panel

                                          Mr John Stephen CONRAD


Youth Rep


                                              Mr Darryl Wolff



General Secretary

The Guild employs a General Secretary who is responsible for the day to day running of the Guild's affairs. She represents the members in their dealings with employers, and negotiates and ensures compliance with employment agreements. She also represents the members' interests in other influential maritime and labour bodies.


Ms Helen McAra


The Guild employs an Organiser who assists the General Secretary with representing the members, negotiating contracts and carrying out other employment related matters on behalf of the members.




Office Manager:                                                                                                   

Ms Sarah Dench




Ms Vita Bryant 

Managing the day to day running of the Guild offices, handling member inquiries and organising meetings is the Guild's first point of contact, Ms Vita Bryant